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About us

EtykaPraktyczna.PL is an academic portal initiated by research workers who are engaged in teaching ethics. The main objective is to present knowledge concerning ethical issues, which is regarded as particularly important for public and private life of every human being. In order to achieve this we have created: scientific journal 'Etyka Praktyczna' (Practical Ethics), Encyclopedia and Resources, where the most important materials will be archieved.

The important thing is that we have created space for the presentation and exchange of popular opinions and comments about ethical issues. For that we have created Academic Blog and Forum as well as The events where
everyone have opportunity to get familar with current information about the events concerning practical ethics.

These sections are aimed at fostering greater interest in the justified reasoning and acquiring reliable knowledge on varius difficult practical issues in the fields of: environmental ethics, business ethics, ethics of virtues, personal ethics, medical ethics, political ethics and social ethics.

We are committed to the integration of ethics professionals, who are aware of the importance of ethical knowledge in public and private life and are personally affected by ethical dilemmas. We encourage You to create an online community gathered around the issues of practical ethics: establishing new groups, sharing information, materials, advising, searching for new friends. We invite ethics teachers on all levels of education, doctors and lawyers,journalists, environmentalists, businessmen and public officials to create an integrated community around ethical problem-solving.

If you realize the importance and necessity of sound ethical reasoning in solving important problems of public and private life, weinvite you to join our project.

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