Jeff McMahan - Dzieciobójstwo (Infanticide) Featured

"It is sometimes suggested that if a moral theory implies that infanticide can sometimes
be permissible, that is sufficient to discredit the theory. I argue in this article that the
common-sense belief that infanticide is wrong, and perhaps even worse than the killing
of an adult, is challenged not so much by theoretical considerations as by common-sense
beliefs about abortion, the killing of non-human animals, and so on. Because there are
no intrinsic differences between premature infants and viable fetuses, it is difficult to
accept that an abortion performed after the point of viability can be permissible while
denying that infanticide can be permissible for a comparably important reason. This and
other challenges to the consistency of our intuitions exert pressure on us either to accept
the occasional permissibility of infanticide or to reject liberal beliefs about abortion."...
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