Jeff McMahan - Problemy Teorii Populacji

"The eleven essays composing this volume address a wide range of interrelated
questions within a domain which might be called "population theory."
Among these questions are: Whatd moral reasons might there be,
given certain conditions or expectations, for or against bringing people
into existence? To which principles should we appeal in determining the
size, as well as the composition, of future populations? What moral reasons,
if any, are there for attempting to secure the indefinite survival of the
human race? Assuming that there will be future generations, what are our
obligations, if any, concerning them, and what are the grounds of these
These questions are of great theoretical and practical importance.
They pose extremely intractable problems for virtually all normative theories,
and besides being themselves matters of urgent concern at both the
individual and social levels, they are intimately bound up with a number
of other widely discussed moral issues. I am persuaded, for example, that
the problem of abortion cannot receive plausible treatment until certain
of the questions considered in these essays have been adequately dealt
The essays published in this volume' make a valuable contribution to
population theory, though their importance lies more in the exposure
they give to various problems than in the solutions that they offer to these
Reviewed Work(s):
Obligations to Future Generations. by R. I. Sikora; Brian Barry
Jefferson McMahan
Ethics, Vol. 92, No. 1, Special Issue on Rights. (Oct., 1981), pp. 96-127.
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