Jeff McMahan - Etyka zabijania na wojnie (The Ethics of Killing in War)

"(...) In this article I will challenge all three foundational tenets of the
traditional theory I have identified: (1) that the principles of jus in bello
are independent of those of jus ad bellum, (2) that unjust combatants
can abide by the principles of jus in bello and do not act wrongly unless
they fail to do so, and (3) that combatants are permissible targets of
attack while noncombatants are not. I will begin by examining certain
arguments that have been offered in support of these tenets. I will then argue that the tenets cannot be correct. Finally, I will sketch the outlines
of a revisionist understanding of the just war that I believe is more
consistent and plausible, as well as better grounded, than the traditional

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